Specialised in food canning, Tucal offers various products with unique flavors that bring delight and authenticity to your dishes. Marketed in Tunisia and abroad, our products reflect a great expertise passed down through generations.

Combining tradition and modernity, the recipes of our double tomato concentrate, harissa and jam are satisfying all tastes. Packaged in different formats, Tucal's canned foods are also convenient for all culinary uses.

Le Perroquet, the double tomato concentrate

Tucal offers "Le Perroquet", its famous double tomato concentrate that has managed, for years, to penetrate in most Tunisian kitchens. Made from tomatoes carefully grown at their just maturity, the tomato puree "Le Perroquet" adds to your preparations distinguished intense color and dense texture.

El Manara de Djerba, the Harissa

Reference of the Tunisian Harissa, El Manara de Djerba comes from Cape Bon to remind you of old days taste. Prepared with seasoned red peppers, The Harissa of Tucal offers you a true Tunisian taste. This famous hot and delicious taste that should’nt, in any case, disappear from Tunisian kitchen !

The jam of Tucal

Figs, quinces, apricots and strawberries are specialties of Tucal jam! Carefully selected and cultivated with passion, the fruits are carefully washed and prepared in our factory to finally fit into dedicated jam jars.

Also packaged in mini jars to "make your life easier", our jams will perfectly complement your breakfast tables and offer authentic tastes for your toast.