About Tucal

TUCAL was founded in 1964 by Amor Ben Sedrine, in Tunis and that was the beginning of a successful family business. The company specializes in canning by presenting high quality products mainly double concentrated tomato, Harissa and jams.

TUCAL is certified ISO 2000 (2015) and ISO 9001 (2015). It distributes its products throughout the Tunisian territory, in supermarkets and for out-of-home catering, as well as abroad in France, Germany and the USA.

With a team of 75 employees (evolving to 200 persons in summer) and the latest machineries, the canning company in Tunisia has managed to develop matchless ranges of products, distinguished by their flavor and 100% natural.

The perfect mixture

The company has managed to ensure its durability and success by combining tradition and modernity. TUCAL products have a traditional Tunisian footprint and are treated with a modern process respecting hygiene standards while retaining the flavor of ancestral recipe passed down the generations.

Our main goal is to offer natural, chemical-free products at competitive prices, affordable to the consumer. For this, we want to have the best equipment dedicated to treatment operations, as well as a dedicated and highly trained team.